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"Now I wake up feeling refreshed." Before purchasing your air cleaner, I was taking prescription allergy medication at bedtime to relieve sinus drainage. Since operating your Model 4000 at night with the bedroom doors closed, I have found that I can forego the medication entirely. The air must be so free of dust mite allergens that I can sleep better without the drug. Now I wake up feeling refreshed. Thank you!
Richard H. Rast
"Your air purifiers have been a wonderful component to our lab safety and air quality for our students." We have been using the 5000 series Vocarb air cleaner from your company for almost five years in our painting studios at Texas Tech University. They have been a wonderful component to our lab safety and air quality for our students. The air cleaners are quiet, powerful, and the filters are easily changed. They do a terrific job at filtering out the air toxins in our painting studios.
Christine Blizard
Assistant Professor of Painting, Texas Tech University
"Worth every penny!" We tried all different types of filters and filtration systems to remove the odor and actual smoke from my office/home. I finally came across this unit, and it is amazing!! Nothing compares to it. It is so quiet, and works so well, from the second we turned it on we could see it immediately start to remove the smoke. This unit is 100% worth every penny!
Laura Langfol'rd
New Jersey
"I bought it for smoke control and was very impressed..." "I have owned my 5000 DS for about 2 years. I bought it for smoke control and was very impressed—it really did a nice job of keeping the air clean. It is also very effective in keeping other odors away. I use it the room where I keep my two dogs. Wow what a difference it makes! I would definitely recomend this to anyone who likes clean air!
Cape Coral - Florida
"The two air purifiers I bought from you were a lifesaver." The two air purifiers I bought from you were a lifesaver. I had just moved into a place that had been freshly painted and recarpeted, and the off gassing was destroying my respiratory system and health. When the units arrived, I cranked them up, and I remember going to bed that night breathing the freshest air you can imagine, right in my freshly painted / carpeted bedroom. You have a great product. My eyes thank you, my nostrils thank you, my lungs thank you, my throat thanks you!!!!
G.B.(Laurel, MD)
"Thanks again for a great product." You bragged about your air cleaner and you were right. We recently purchased a solvent printer. The fumes were driving us crazy. We have four-inch and eight-inch exhaust systems. We bought your unit and it’s like magic. It is currently running on the lowest speed with our exhaust fans off and it does a beautiful job. I would not have believed it. That’s why I’m writting this. Thanks again for a great product.
Mike Morrow
"No longer do I wake up in the morning with a stuffy head, pounding headache or runny nose." Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the unit that I purchased from you. I have chronic sinusitus and have tried a lot of different air cleaners but yours is the best. No longer do I wake up in the morning with a stuffy head, pounding headache or runny nose. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! You have a fine product that I’d recommend to anyone!
John Cory
"...helped my condition immensely." I am writing to let you know that the air purifier I purchased from you has helped my condition immensely. I have fewer problems with wheezing and rarely cough at night. As a chronic asthmatic this is definitely an improvement. It's nice to wake up not feeling tired and congested!
Barbara Fenton
(Reg. Nurse)
"...the mold spore concentration dropped substantially. Upon using the 5000 Pro Exec on a mold remediation claim, our readings showed the mold spore concentration dropped substantially. Our initial tests showed mold concentration levels of 53,655 spores/m3 before any mold remediation attempts were made. Once the mold remediation was started and the 5000 Pro Exec machine ran for approximately 36 hours, a second test showed mold concentration levels had dropped to 1,641 spore/m3. We found the machine very successful in decreasing mold counts and would not hesitate to recommend this machine for such mold remediation projects. Our company will continue to use the 5000 Pro Exec on similar jobs
Jim DeAveiro - General Manager
"...a real improvement in her allergies..." We are certainly enjoying the 5000 D Air Purifier. We are using it both in the studio and the bedroom. My wife is noticing a real improvement in her allergies, especially in the morning. Thanks so much for all your help.
Dick Walker
"Book References" Authors like Beth Greer, Annie Bond, Judit Rajhathy and many others are recognizing the value and health benefits of a toxin-free home. We are proud to be referenced in the books below as an integral part of the journey to a healthier lifestyle and greener home. Listed in: Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home, and Planet--One Room at a Time By Beth Greer Home Enlightenment: Create a Nurturing, Healthy, and Toxin-Free Home By Annie B Bond Spent: Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Feel Great Again By Frank Lipman, Mollie Doyle House about It: Dream/ Design/ Dwell By Sheri Koones Free to Fly: A Journey Toward Wellness By Judit Rajhathy

"... a practical, efficient machine." Just wanted to tell you how much I like my Model 6000 Air Purifier. I had done quite a bit of research about different brands before I bought my machine, so I knew I was getting a very good product. What really surprises and pleases me is how quiet it is! Thank you for making such a practical, efficient machine.
S. D. (Nova Scotia)
"...air quality has improved immensely..." I am writing to inform you of how satisfied I am with the air filter system that your company sold to Duffy’s Bar. The air quality has improved immensely and our clients have mentioned that there is a noticeable difference. Thank you, again.
Brant Read
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